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    A+ Skills Tutoring Service reminds parents and students that we have two special programs running this summer – CAMP SAT and THINKING CREATIVELY.

    The CAMP SAT course is an intensive two week “boot camp” program designed for either the student who wishes to “go to the next level” OR for the student who needs some remedial work to prepare for the PSAT and SAT exams in the fall. Classes will meet from 8:00 am to noon Monday thru Friday for two weeks either from June 12 to June 23 or from July 10 to July 21st. The course is being taught by Brandi Hanson of Collegiate Coaching, who ran similar programs for an SAT preparation company in Boston before moving to Naples. Class size is being limited to nine students to give each student sufficient personal attention in this process.

    According to Deborah Mandell, CEO of A+ Skills, “SAT results are a critical determinate in both gaining college admissions and in obtaining financial aid. We thought that we would offer these services to the parent and student communities in Naples”.

    The Thinking Creatively course is a unique and enriching summer program which has been targeted for students going into the second, third and fourth grades. Development of higher level critical thinking skills is emphasized as well as students questioning abilities. Class size has been limited to maximize the student’s participation and effectiveness. The course is based on the Novel Extender™ series of books and in Naples is being taught by the books’ author. These books have been used by school systems in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas and California. Classes will meet on four Mondays starting July 10 for ninety minutes with an additional session planned for make-ups to accommodate family travel plans.

    A+ Skills Tutoring Service focuses on the success of each student and these special programs are examples of the high quality services offered by the Firm. For additional information about these programs, or if you or your student have particular academic requirements please contact us at 254-9807 or online at

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