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At A+ Skills, we understand the occasional need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session and appreciate as much notice as possible. For our part, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please read and pay attention to this policy in its entirety, as our office will strictly adhere to this policy to best accommodate our rapidly growing student enrollment.



  • Tutoring for any subjects, especially SAT/ACT prep, is a commitment just like any extracurricular activity or job and should be made a priority.
  • It is essential to keep your schedule consistent on a weekly basis.
    • Whatever your scheduled session times are, they are a commitment and should not be changed with the exception of emergencies or holidays, as our tutoring schedule is typically at or near full capacity.
    • If you cancel a session, we are able to hold your normal session time for one week before it is released to other students.
    • If the office is CLOSED when you normally come to the office, the week the office is closed will be skipped, and you will be scheduled for the following week when the office reopens.
      • Please note: office closure dates are listed on our website under “Contact Us” and “Office Calendar & Closed Dates.”
  • All scheduling is done:
    • With our management office directly—NOT your tutors
    • On a first come-first serve basis, similarly to a doctor’s office
  • We will only accept schedule requests for the current week and following week
  • Each week is considered Sunday – Saturday for scheduling purposes
  • Sessions scheduled at the following times are subject to management approval and are billable at an overtime rate of 1.5 your current hourly or package rate:
    • Any time outside of business hours, which are as follows:
      • Sunday – CLOSED
      • Monday – Thursday – 11:00am to 8:00pm
      • Friday – CLOSED
      • Saturday – 9:00am to 4:00pm



  • To cancel a session:
  • Send the following in an e-mail to
    • Student first and last name
    • Day and time of session to cancel/reschedule
    • If known, a requested day and time to reschedule
  • All cancellation/rescheduling requests must be received by our office AT LEAST 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED SESSION TIME.
    • Any submissions past this time will be fully billed for the session time scheduled.
  • If you do not inform our office of a time to reschedule your student, they will be removed from our schedule and their time slot will be open to other clients. We highly encourage rescheduling at the time of your cancellations to avoid future miscommunications.
  • A+ Skills will NOT accept verbal, text, or direct e-mail communications for cancellation requests.
  • Please note: any and all late cancellations or no shows per this cancellation policy on any holiday are subject to a billing rate of two (2) times the hourly rate.




  • Our online system, Oases, will send THREE automatic session reminder e-mails (72 hours, 48 hours, and 24 hours in advance of each of your sessions) to all e-mails provided on your application.
  • The 72-hour notice allows you 24 hours to submit a cancellation or rescheduling request for your session, while the 48-hour and 24-hour notices will be repeat reminders for your scheduled session.
  • If you find out that you are not able to make your scheduled session time with less than 48 hours’ notice, you are expected to e-mail to inform the office that you will not be in attendance. If you do not inform us that you will be unable to make it to your session, you will be automatically scheduled to same session date and time the following week (or in the case of an office closure, the week following the office closure). 
  • Our office expects parents and students to check their e-mail on a regular basis to avoid any scheduling errors or confirm cancellations according to our cancellation policy.
  • You will receive one e-mail reminder for each tutor the student is scheduled to meet.



  • If a student arrives late to their session, they will be tutored for the remaining time available within their originally scheduled time.
    • If the student is more than 15 minutes late without notifying our office that they are arriving late to their session, it will be considered a “no show.”
    • In the rare occasion a tutor is late, the time will be made up.
  • If a student does not show to their scheduled session (including diagnostic testing or consultation meetings), the session will be FULLY BILLED for the total scheduled length of the session.
  • PLEASE NOTE: After a student no show, the office will remove the student from all future scheduled sessions until a scheduling request is submitted to



  • Every parent and student will receive an electronic progress report within 24 hours of their session time that will provide information on the student’s session and progress.
  • If you would like more detailed updates on your child’s progress, please speak with your child’s tutor directly with any questions or concerns you would like to discuss during your student’s scheduled session time. Tutors will NOT assist with questions outside of your child’s scheduled session time.
  • Do NOT call our central management office for progress updates, as we will refer you to speak with your tutors as per this policy.



  • Discounted package selections are required prior to scheduling tutoring sessions. They never expire and can be used for any subject tutoring is offered in by any member of your immediate family.
  • All hours scheduled after a package is completed are subject to the hourly rate OR the rate of a newly selected discounted package. To select a new discounted package, you must call or e-mail our office at 239-254-9807 or 
  • Any hourly sessions or discounted packages purchased after your initial package is subject to the same office policies as your initial package.



  • All tutoring sessions and services (including but not limited to diagnostic exams, consultation meetings, or supplemental materials) are required to be PRE-PAID and selected on your application or in your Tutoring Renewal Application for renewing/continuing services.
  • A+ Skills will NOT schedule or reserve any sessions without pre-payment.



  • Refund requests must be submitted via e-mail to and require a reason for the refund request, as well as the specific amount being requested.
  • All refunds on discounted packages (for tutoring session time) have a 50% early termination fee (based off of package price). In addition to the 50% early termination fee, all completed sessions will be billed at the base hourly rate of the program you originally enrolled in. If the remaining balance of your original discounted package purchase (for tutoring session time) is less than the balance owed when charged the early termination fee and hourly rate for all hours completed, you are ineligible to receive a refund. There will be no exceptions to this policy.
  • Hourly sessions, upgraded packages, college admissions preparation, diagnostic exams, supplemental materials, and consultation sessions are NON-REFUNDABLE.