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Q: Why do you insist on all Tutors having Masters Degree and Professional Certificates?

A: As parents ourselves and also former teachers we take education very seriously. As such, we feel that our clients should get the very best in tutoring services. Besides some very qualified Collier County teachers who do have Masters Degrees, many of our tutors had distinguished teaching careers in the North and have more than one Masters and/or Certificates and Honors.

Q: Does A+ Skills require a long term contract?

A: No, our services are on an ala carte basis, depending on the progress of each student. Some students only require a few sessions to achieve their education objective, while others are tutored regularly over a longer period. We do not believe in a “one size fits all approach to tutoring”.

Q: Does A+ Skills charge any upfront fees for diagnosis?

A: No, in most cases our Master Tutors can diagnose the student’s deficiency without the need for diagnostic tests. If the Tutor does administer a diagnostic test, it’s included in the regular hourly fee.

Q: Does A+ Skills tutor students with learning disabilities?

A: Yes, many of our highly trained Tutors have taught students throughout their careers who have learning disabilities. Several of the Tutors are (or were) Special Education teachers. We suggest that you refer to the Special Needs Tutoring button on the Site.

Q: Does A+ Skills provide tutoring services for talented and gifted students?

A: Yes, our staff includes Tutors who have Masters Degrees in Gifted and Talented and during their teaching careers specialized in this important area.

Q: Where are the students tutored?

A: In most cases, the students are tutored in our quiet, clean and professional offices. We believe that the students do best if they get out of their normal environment, which typically has multiple distractions. In our office, the student can focus on improving their skills without distraction. On occasion, students are tutored at a library or directly in the student’s school (private schools only).

Q: Do the Tutors communicate with the classroom teachers or student’s guidance counselor?

A: Yes, but because of various privacy laws, we require that the parents sign a release giving us permission. We believe that it is essential to communicate with the student’s teacher. If the parents do not want us to make these contacts we honor their request.

Q: Does A+ Skills have a session cancellation?

A: Yes! We have had to institute a policy for session lateness and cancellations due to a few students taking advantage of our flexibility. Sorry!