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boy with tutorThe A+ Skills Tutoring core service is providing high quality one-to- one tutoring services that are focused on every student’s success.  With that said, we do not charge any up-front evaluation fees and do not require a long-term contract.

Our process starts with an assessment/evaluation of the student and situation that is performed by the Office Manager and/or Education Director, as well as the Tutor assigned to work with the student.

Our philosophy is that student performance is a “work in progress” and, therefore, contracts with specific numbers of sessions are not relevant.

Tutors assist the students until they, the student, or the parents are satisfied that the educational objective has been achieved.  In achieving that objective, we use a disciplined approach to tutoring which starts with the development of an “A+ Skills Learning Plan” which provides a roadmap to success.  To facilitate the development of such a plan, the Office Manager and/or Education Director and Tutor get inputs from a number of sources.

First, the parents are asked to complete a confidential application that requests information from their perspective. In addition, the Tutor will evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses and discusses these findings with the Manager and/or Director.  Finally, with permission, the Tutor will confidentially discuss the “Learning Plan” with the child’s classroom teacher and/or guidance counselor. Depending on the specific circumstances, the Tutor may also require some diagnostic testing to complete the assessment; however, it is our policy to avoid unnecessary testing as well as the expense of testing.

The “A+ Skills Learning Plan” provides a roadmap with which the Tutor and the parent(s) can judge the student’s progress. After each session the parents receive written and verbal feedback as well as suggestions on how progress can be enhanced.


The keys above are critical elements in each of our Plans and are incorporated into
the thinking behind each “Doorway to Success”.