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    A+ Skills™ Initiates Tutoring Buddies™
    Pre-College Writing Programs

    Your student has a friend, a cousin or a twin taking the same course – and both need some tutoring assistance in that course – Tutoring Buddies™ to the rescue!!

    A Skills™ is pleased to announce its new program to tutor two students simultaneously in the same subject. Tutoring Buddies™ is a cost effective way for students to get that personal tutoring assistance. According to Debbie Mandell, “several parents have approached us to tutor their twin students together, and so we have developed a program to meet their needs – but it can also be for friends or classmates. However we want to be clear – it will be up to the students or their parents to create the Buddy teams.” With the A+ Skills™ program, each student will get a personalized learning experience.

    A+ Skills™ also wants to highlight its new Pre-College Writing Program. This program is targeted at high school seniors as they begin to contemplate their college application essays which are an important component of college admissions. Our APA Writing expert will individually work with the students to help them plan and develop writing themes as well as to bolster their writing skills including the proper punctuation for a formally written document. As a result, the students will be able to write more thoughtful and crisper college essays, skills, incidentally, which will aide them as they grow and continue their education, and beyond.

    A+ Skills™ offers One–On-One academic tutoring in a broad range of subject areas for students from Pre-K through the College years. The tutoring firm focuses on the success of each of it’s clients. For additional information regarding all of these tutoring services please contact Deborah Mandell at 254-9807 or you are invited to visit our website at



    5621 Strand Blvd – Suite 108
    Naples, FL 34110

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