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?Image result for online class clipart?In recent years, Collier County has instituted a new policy requiring all Collier County Public HIGH School students  to take at least one virtual (online) course over the course of their high school career.

At A+ Skills, our entire team acknowledges the importance of Florida Virtual School (FLVS) programs. It requires student dedication, self-motivation, and independent work study to complete these courses.

Our structured office environment provides students with a quiet work space and reliable high speed Internet.

Our highly trained staff are very familiar with the FLVS platform, allowing them to best assist students in developing a customized course schedule of assignments, as well as engage in one-to-one tutoring sessions to help students better understand what they are being taught through their virtual courses. Our tutors will assist in monitoring grades, assignments, and due dates, as well as coordinate with your online teachers with parental consent.