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The Admission Mission: A Guide to College Apps – Cadet CallWith competition at a peak for college admissions, we are here to make the college application process stress-free for your child and you through our entirely customized one-on-one college application program!

Let our college admissions prep expert and owner of A+ Skills, Addam Cohn, ease your burden and worries as a parent, as you and your student begin the college application process!



Addam Cohn, the owner of A+ Skills Tutoring in Naples, FL and Fort Worth, TX, prides himself in his unique approach to provide the absolute best guidance and opportunities to help his students achieve college acceptances to prestigious universities around the country. Addam not only spends time getting to know each of his students and their families on a profound, personal level, but he also invests a tremendous amount of time outside of session time to ensure all components of your child’s applications reflect your child’s fullest potential! For a complete list of college acceptances and some of the many testimonials from the near 500 students Addam has worked with over the years, please click on the links at the bottom of this page!




STEP 1: Prior to the Formal College Application Process:

  1. Standardized Testing
  2. College Research
  3. Planning for Deadlines



  1. Applications
  2. Essays
  3. Supplemental Questions
  4. Reporting Grades with Transcripts
  5. Compiling Additional Application Materials (such as Recommendation Letters)
  6. Specific Advising for:
    • Test optional colleges and universities
    • Special programs, such as music, art, and theater programs



  1. Accepting Your Acceptance
  2. Finalizing Deposits and Orientation
  3. Discussing and Preparing for Placement Exams
  4. Pre-Planning Course Selections
  5. Placement Exams
  6. Housing Research and Applications
  7. Scholarships and Financial Aid
  8. Attend Orientation
  9. Get Packing and Ready for College!


**Don’t see something you’re looking for on this list? Ask Addam!**



·        American University

·        Amherst College

·        Auburn University

·        Baylor University

·        Berkley College of Music

·        Boston University

·        Brown University

·        Bryn Mawr College

·        Colgate University

·        Columbia University

·        Cornell University

·        CUNY Baruch College

·        CUNY Hunter College

·        Dartmouth College

·        DePaul University

·        East Carolina University

·        Eckerd College

·        Elon University

·        Emerson College

·        Fairleigh Dickinson University

·        Florida Atlantic University

·        Florida Gulf Coast University

·        Florida International University

·        Florida Southwestern University

·        Florida State University

·        Georgia State University

·        Harvard University

·        High Point University

·        Hodges University

·        Hofstra University

·        Ithaca College

·        Julliard University

·        Manhattanville College

·        Miami University

·        New York University

·        Northwestern University

·        Oberlin College

·        Occidental College

·        Pace University

·        Pepperdine University

·        Princeton University

·        Purdue University

·        Rutgers University

·        Saint Thomas Aquinas College

·        SUNY Albany

·        SUNY Binghamton

·        SUNY New Paltz

·        Syracuse University

·        Temple University

·        Texas A&M University

·        Texas Tech University

·        Tulane University

·        UCLA

·        University of Alabama

·        University of Central Florida

·        University of Chicago

·        University of Colorado at Boulder

·        University of Florida

·        University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

·        University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

·        University of North Florida

·        University of North Texas

·        University of Oklahoma

·        University of South Florida

·        University of Tampa

·        University of Texas at Austin

·        University of Texas at Dallas

·        Valencia College

·        Vanderbilt University

·        Wake Forest University

·        Washington University

·        Wesleyan College

·        Wesleyan University

·        Yale University



Words cannot express how lucky I am to have Addam in both my kids’ lives and mine! Addam has been like the second son I never had. His professionalism and dedication to my family and kids and everyone around him is incredible! He always got back to me almost immediately and made me feel like my kids and I were his only clients, no matter how long we needed to speak with him or what additional work he had to do to reassure us that we were making the absolute best decisions as we invest in our children’s futures. My kids not only had a significant change in their attitudes about their ability to be independent in the future with college, but they also gained the confidence and tools they needed in applying to colleges and their high school classes and ACT prep. Addam didn’t rest until he knew he did absolutely everything possible to help my kids, and he will do the same for anyone! I don’t know how I can ever repay you for not only being such an incredible role model to my children, but for also being such a supportive, incredible friend to them and me along the way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Addam! Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do for me and my family! -J.E.

Addam! I had to make sure you were the first to know that I was accepted to Cornell University yesterday! I also just had a conversation with the landscape architecture undergraduate coordinator, and not only did she say that only 10 kids get accepted each year, but she was BLOWN away by the common app essay you helped me write. I will be attending Cornell in the fall! I wanted to express my gratitude to your help on that essay. I never realized how the college essay could be the make-or-break difference between an acceptance or rejection, and I’m glad mine worked for the better (more than worked…more like rocked)! Thank you, again, for all your help! I couldn’t have done it without you! -I.D.

Hey Addam! All my colleges decisions came back! I got accepted to all my colleges, and the most surprising was to the University of Florida. I’m so excited and have committed to University of North Florida in Jacksonville! I’ll be moving there this summer. I also got four scholarships that add up to $16,000! I had to interview for one, and they commented on how great my SAT score was, so thank you for your help all around! -J.B.

I’ve been working with Addam for years between SAT/ACT prep and different subjects in school. I was so happy to work with him on my college applications. He has always been there to support me whenever I had any self-doubt, has always been motivational, and helped me write the best essay I have ever written! No matter what happens with my college applications, I’ll forever be grateful for Addam’s support, friendship, and guidance! -J.R.

Addam has been one of the most influential people in my grandson’s life. He has been there for years to support him and me as we figured out high school classes, extracurriculars, college applications and essays, and pretty much anything we’ve needed. Thanks to Addam, my grandson is beyond pleased with his application, especially his college essay. Thank you so much for all you’ve done, Addam. There’s no way to express my gratitude enough for everything over the years. -B.S.

Hi Addam. I just wanted to give a big thanks to you for helping me out with my college applications. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into making the application process easier. You also helped me write the common app essay, which was really difficult for me at first. With your help, it came out amazing! I was accepted to FGCU, UCF, and USF! Thank you for everything. -K.K.

I have two kids that applied to colleges and another that applied to masters’ programs all at the same time. Addam worked tirelessly to make sure that everything we needed to accomplish was in order. His scheduling was extremely flexible, and all of my kids always looked forward to their sessions with him. Their essays came out phenomenally well and in what I’d say is record time. His attention to detail, his organization, and his willingness to go above and beyond made working with him and A+ Skills one of the absolute best experiences for my kids and one of the best choices I’ve made for them. We will definitely continue working with Addam throughout college and beyond and tell everyone about him and his amazing services. Thank you, Addam! -J.S.

The service Addam provides is absolutely stellar. My son was not happy accepting a tutor for his SATs or college applications, but after his first hour with Addam, he was eager to go back for more. It was to the point he asked to meet with Addam more regularly. Addam’s rapport with my son is one I will forever be grateful for. All the time he spent with my son, my wife, and I outside of session time and the positive encouragement and motivation for my son has been truly inspirational, especially being such a young man, himself. We are astounded by his invaluable knowledge and expertise that helped get our son in the University of Oklahoma, Purdue University, and many others with over 50% scholarships. Addam is like family, and my family is forever indebted to you for all you’ve done for us. -T.C.

Thank you, Addam, for all your coaching and positive motivation! Your service is truly unique in that you not only tutor subjects, but you also get students like my son to believe in themselves. I would recommend anyone work with Addam with anything you need! -J.T.

Hey Addam! I just wanted to let you know that I just committed to FAU and wanted to thank you for everything because I couldn’t have done it without you! -T.B.

My daughter is so happy with her sessions with you, Addam! She really needed your encouragement and expertise. I am so grateful for all the time you’ve spent with her in sessions but also with me outside of sessions to reassure me when I’ve been a nervous wreck. Thank you, thank you! -B.P.

Guess what! I was accepted to UMass Amherst with a half scholarship. Waiting on other colleges, but I’m excited so far! -I.D.