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“The tutors at A+ did wonders with my son who was high functioning autism as well as attention problems and processing delays. My son went from someone who could not concentrate enough to get through even one section of the ACT to being able to conquer all sections with confidence. We were cautioned by the therapists that he might be able to complete the ACT, but the A+ tutors worked on his timing and strategies and really believed in him. He felt so confident that he refused extra time, which he could have received due to his challenges. He took the ACT and scored 95th percentile, which is amazing. A+ Skills has really blessed our son’s life and future! Thank you!” K.L.

Does your child tend to focus on their assignments better in a structured environment, such as a library or at school rather than at home? At A+ Skills Tutoring, we offer dedicated workspaces for students to work quietly and individually on their assignments on a set schedule with a self-study supervisor.

By establishing a set schedule for self-study sessions, students treat this time as if they are attending an additional class or tutoring session, allowing them to focus on their assignments and ask for occasional assistance from office staff throughout their self-study hour(s).

For more information regarding Self-Study sessions, please contact us!