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“The tutors at A+ did wonders with my son who was high functioning autism as well as attention problems and processing delays. My son went from someone who could not concentrate enough to get through even one section of the ACT to being able to conquer all sections with confidence. We were cautioned by the therapists that he might be able to complete the ACT, but the A+ tutors worked on his timing and strategies and really believed in him. He felt so confident that he refused extra time, which he could have received due to his challenges. He took the ACT and scored 95th percentile, which is amazing. A+ Skills has really blessed our son’s life and future! Thank you!” K.L.

At A+ Skills Tutoring, we understand the amount of time students and parents must dedicate in researching, identifying, preparing, and applying to the countless college scholarship opportunities available to them. Many colleges accept state-funded, foundation, and private scholarships, as well as financial aid assistance that students should take advantage of!

Rather than students and parents focusing their time and energy on researching these many different scholarship options, A+ Skills Tutoring will do the research for you! This will allow students and parents to focus their energy where it is needed most: putting everything into making your scholarship applications and writing responses the best that they can be (with or without the assistance of one our tutors)!

For more information, please see our additional flyer and contact us regarding this service!