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Writing is an essential tool in successful college admissions, as well as a student’s subsequent success in undergraduate and graduate programs and beyond! This is particularly true for students preparing for SAT and ACT exams! Even though many colleges make the writing portion optional, many still require the writing section to be completed. Additionally, college essays are critically important in the admissions process.

Because of its importance, A+ Skills has specialized writing tutors on staff who provide assistance both with preparing for the writing portion of the SAT and ACT exams, as well as with College Application Essays. The writing tutor will assist students in developing college application essay themes as well as finding words to differentiate themselves in their writing.

Writing is incorporated into our SAT and ACT preparation tutoring in both the individualized One-on-One tutoring and the Tutoring Buddies program.


A+ Skills offers tutoring in writing skills for students at all levels of achievement and at all grade levels. These writing skills may be formal assignments, creative writing, poetry, etc.

As with most lifetime skills, particularly with writing, it is “best to start early, but never too late.”