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STEP 1: Please download the Zoom desktop application found by clicking here.

  • Regardless of the type of computer you have (Windows, Mac, or tablet), this link will have a download available at the top of the page under “Zoom Client for Meetings.”)


STEP 2: Set-up your display name as your first and last name.

  • This will be saved for all future sessions on Zoom.


STEP 3: Set-up and test your computer audio settings.

  • Please confirm that your computer microphone and speakers are working properly with your new Zoom download. In the case that your or your tutor’s computer microphone has any technological issues, please have a cell phone available to put on speakerphone as a back-up.


STEP 4: Pin Zoom to your taskbar by right clicking on the Zoom icon on your desktop.

  • This allows you have to easy access to open and launch Zoom for your sessions.



Q: How will I be contacted for my session when it is supposed to start?

A: Your student’s tutor will E-MAIL the student’s e-mail with a direct session link for their session. All the student has to do is click on their direct session link, and the session will begin when both the student and tutor arrive.

  • We kindly ask all families to honor our “5-minute” flexibility policy for the start and end time of your student’s session, as there are occasional overlaps in session start and/or end times online.


Q: What tools will my tutor and I have access to?

A: Zoom allows our staff to share webcams and screens with our students. Additionally, there are writing and highlighting tools that allow for increased interaction with tutors and students as if they were in the physical office setting. Our tutors will have access to virtual whiteboards that can save notes from sessions as a PDF or image to supply with students. Tutors and students can also share control of their keyboards and mice, as well. To have the best experience with our online tutoring sessions through Zoom, please make sure to download the desktop application on the computer being used for tutoring (seen in STEP 1 above).


Q: How can I be prepared for my sessions?

A: Please bring ALL possible materials to your online sessions with your tutors. This includes having your online courses pulled up and ready to go, calculators and scrap paper ready, SAT/ACT books handy, etc. If you have physical worksheets, e-mail a clear picture of it to your tutor in advance of your sessions, so the worksheet can be displayed online through screen sharing and virtual whiteboards. Every student will be tutoring for different subject areas, so any materials you can provide to share with your tutors will be helpful in providing you the best session possible! Think about what you would bring to the office for your sessions…whatever that is, bring it to your online sessions!


Q: What additional recommendations does A+ Skills have for me to make sure I have the best possible session I can have?

A: The most optimal tutoring sessions will be: (1) be in an area of your home that has good Wi-Fi connection that will not be disrupted, and (2) in a quiet room with as few to no distractions as possible! The more private and productive the environment is around you, the more you will stay focused and benefit from your sessions.


Q: How will I receive my progress report notes, including homework and next scheduled session times?

A: Our tutors will continue to fill out their progress reports online as we have been over the course of the past month or so. Parents and students will receive a copy to their e-mails on file within 24 hours of each session. The tutor and student will discuss next session times, so please be sure to check that session times will work!


Q: How do I know my session is confirmed on A+ Skills’ schedule?

A: Just like always, you will receive three session reminders (72, 48, and 24 hours in advance of each session you are scheduled for), so please continue to check your e-mails! This goes for parents AND students. If a session time does not work for you, our normal cancellation policy of 48 hours advance notice will remain in effect.


Q: When do I need to cancel or reschedule a session by?

A: All cancellations must be submitted to no later than 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session, as per our normal cancellation policy. For more information on our cancellation policy, please click here.