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    Neapolitan Family Magazine is placing its focus on Tutoring in this issue. We at A+ Skills™ felt that we could make a contribution by weighing in on the subject of what parents and students should get from a tutoring experience.

    Assuming the tutor is well qualified (advanced degree and experience in the subject being tutored), the most important aspect is individualized attention. There are numerous reasons why a one-to-one experience is best including the ability to customize the pacing of the learning specifically to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether its enrichment or remedial assistance, the tutor can customize their assistance to the specific situation. In addition, a one on one approach allows for immediate corrective action as well as positive feedback. For example, many students are more comfortable asking questions when working individually – hence the positive vibes!

    Another important aspect is positive emotional support. By working quietly and individually with the tutor, seemingly difficult academic problems are solved increasing student confidence. Finally, personal assistance increases student motivation and improves academic performance.

    A+ Skills™ provides tutoring in a full range of subjects for students from the Pre-K through the college years. The Firm has tutors who are experienced with special need students as well as Gifted and Talented. With A+ Skills™ there are no long term contracts or front-end fees, tutoring is done on an ala carte basis depending on the particular student situation. All tutors have at least one Masters Degree and considerable teaching and tutoring experience. For more information or for a confidential discussion regarding a student situation, parents and students are invited to contact Debbie Mandell at 254-9807 or by visiting our website at

    Also we want to remind high school students that the A+ Skills™ program – CAMP SAT will begin again in November. CAMP SAT is a small group course specifically designed for students who wish to improve their SAT scores. We are currently taking reservations for the CAMP which begins on November 7 and ends in January and for the CAMP which begins March 6 and ends in early May – both to coincide with important SAT testing days. Class size is limited to nine students and is on a first-come – first served basis!


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