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    Yes, your students are being home schooled – and you are working hard with your student(s) to complete the work that would have been presented in a traditional school setting.  However, many of our Home Schooling clients report that they are not able to adequately supervise all of the subjects.  That seems particularly the case with the mathematics and science parts of the curriculum.

    A+ Skills, with its multi faceted tutoring staff to the rescue!  The academic pros at A+ Skills will put together an academic plan to meet your needs – with every day, three times per week or once per week tutoring assistance in the required subjects.  And as the academic year draws to a close, this may be a good time to bolster your student’s efforts to be sure that they are on target to complete the year’s work!

    Tutoring is held at the A+ Skills Tutoring Service office at 5621 Strand Blvd – Suite 108 which is conveniently located just off of Immokalee Road.  A+ Skills ™ offers academic tutoring in a broad range of subject areas for students from Pre-K through the College years. Our services are highly flexible and do not require a front-end financial commitment.  For additional information regarding our tutoring services please contact Deborah Mandell at 254-9807 or by email – or by visiting our website at


    5621 Strand Blvd – Suite 108
    Naples, FL 34110

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