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    Now is the time to register for the next session of CAMP SAT- – a 10 week intensive course to assist students, especially juniors in high school, as they prepare for the SAT and PSAT exams.   The CAMP will meet at 5:15 pm for 2 hours on Tuesday evenings from February 20th until May 1st.  Reservations are being accepted on a first come-first served basis with limited space availability – our Fall CAMP sold out!

    CAMP SAT is conducted as a small group session with no more than 9 students in each CAMP.  We find that the small group format allows the instructor to sufficiently focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each of the students.  The CAMP emphasizes particular SAT test taking strategies which have been found to be effective.  Practice tests are also an important part of the CAMP.

    ALSO, we wanted parents and students to know that weekends are a great time for tutoring in all subjects.  Parents who drive their students do not have to leave their jobs early or get caught in the rush hour traffic, particularly during season.  Many of our tutors are more available for sessions on weekends!

    Both our mainstream tutoring as well as CAMP SAT are being held at the A+ Skills Tutoring Service office at 5621 Strand Blvd – Suite 108 which is conveniently located just off of Immokalee Road.  A+ Skills ™ offers academic tutoring in a broad range of subject areas for students from Pre-K through the College years. For additional information regarding CAMP SAT as well as all of its other tutoring services please contact Deborah Mandell at 254-9807 or by email – or by visiting our website at


    5621 Strand Blvd – Suite 108
    Naples, FL 34110

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