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      A+ Skills Tutoring™ Introduces SAT Diagnostic Test

    A+ Skills Tutoring™ is pleased to announce its new diagnostic test for its SATPrep™ classes. This diagnostic test is based on past SAT exams and will help the students and Tutors better pinpoint areas of weakness. “We want our students to spend more time bolstering their areas of weakness as they prepare for the all important exams” according to Debbie Mandell, CEO. “We believe in training for ourselves also – hence we hosted an SAT/ACT trainer from Boston for a full-day training session during January.”

    SAT Prep™ small group classes will be beginning in late March and April for the May 3d exam dates and in addition we will be offering small group classes targeted at the April 12th and June 14th ACT exams. We are finding an increasing interest in the ACT as more colleges, particularly in the mid-west, require or prefer that exam. In addition to the small group classes, we are constantly offering One-to-One Tutoring for both exams which allow a more customized experience and timing for the students.

    For additional information regarding all of these tutoring services please contact Deborah Mandell at 254-9807 or by visiting our website at



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