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    Educating Your Student in a Challenging Economic Environment By Debbie Mandell – President of A+ Skills Tutoring

    It’s fair to say that we are currently experiencing a challenging economy in SW Florida. That said, and being a good parent – you still want the best for your student(s). We at A+ Skills Tutoring have a solution – Tutoring Buddies™. This is a discounted tutoring program where two students are tutored on the same subject at the same time. The best case is where you or your student know of a second student who needs assistance in the same subject. They could be a school mate or a relative! In that case – they can be tutored together and we can offer each student a discount. In another situation, your student needs assistance and perhaps we can find the “Buddy” to be tutored along side your student.

    You asked and we responded! Several people have called regarding the need for some assistance in the Economics area – both at the high school and college levels. We are pleased to announce our expansion into that area – and Tutoring Buddies™ would be appropriate for Economics! Another area where you can save money while educating your student– assist them as they prepare for their finals with Tutoring Buddies™. It’s easy – two students in the same class! And finally – SAT and ACT preparation where we will be starting a new effort after the first of the year. And Tutoring Buddies™ is great for that also! For these and our One-to-One Tutoring, please call Debbie Mandell at 239-254-9807 or by email at


    5621 Strand Blvd – Suite 108
    Naples, FL 34110

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