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Read what a few of our parents have said about A+ Skills Tutoring!

“Very, very good help with the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and subject tests. Our experience at A+ was beyond excellent!” M.M.

“We chose A+ Skills for their reputation. Not only are they very accommodating with scheduling, but both my sons’ test scores prove what a success the tutoring sessions have been!” A.O.

“Very pleased with the office’s prompt communication with us about services and pricing. Their one-on-one style tutoring was great and offered great flexibility with times.” J.L.

“We did not expect such a quick change in our daughter’s results. We will keep you in mind should anyone need tutoring in the future and will spread the word of your services. Thank you very much!” S.A.

“I liked that you have a facility where my son can receive the tutoring, without distractions. I also liked that you were accommodating with his schedule and gave a well-rounded session including math, reading, and science. I’m very happy with the continuous feedback and organization from the tutoring service. I would say our overall experience is very positive and we will recommend you to our friends!” S.V.

“Many thanks to all of you for all you did to keep her on track with her testing!”

“I love how it feels more like family between the tutor, my grandson, and the office staff! My grandson is very comfortable with everyone. A+ Skills improved my grandson’s reading within two months. He was promoted to third grade thanks to his tutor. I think A+ Skills is just wonderful and would recommend it to every child that needs learning assistance!” T.O.

“The tutors at A+ did wonders with my son who was high functioning autism as well as attention problems and processing delays.My son went from someone who could not concentrate enough to get through even one section of the ACT, to being able to conquer all sections with confidence. We were cautioned by the therapists that he might be able to complete the ACT, but the A+ tutors worked on his timing and strategies and really believed in him. He felt so confident that he refused extra time, which he could have received due to his challenges. He took the ACT and scored 95 percentile, which is amazing. A+ Skills has really blessed our son’s life and future.” Thank you. K.L.

“My daughter went for ACT prep and increased her score to get a college scholarship.” GM

“I liked that they were willing to work on acceleration in Math. They were very knowledgeable, friendly and personable – a great experience.” DA

“I wanted to tell you that my daughter did much better and now has the SAT scores to apply to her chosen schools. I’ll be contacting you in two years for my son.” LA

“Amazing staff – Fantastic! I learned a lot – keep up the awesome work.” JS

“My daughter felt the SAT tutoring she received really helped her. I recommended my niece to your service.” AI

“We are grateful for all the new friendships and encouragement you gave our daughter. The flexible hours were very helpful due to our busy schedules.” JL

“My son has had success each time, college courses, college prep, GRE prep – thank you so much.” GM

“…. gained confidence with her middle school classes. I was pleased with the experience.” VT

“We had a good experience with A+. The tutors were professional and timely – the physics tutor was especially effective.” LP

“I liked that they sincerely cared about my kids – I felt that Debbie understood what we were needing.” JG

“My overall experience was amazing – they were extremely kind to my family.” CD

“I wanted to tell you that my daughter did much better and now has the SAT test scores to apply to her chosen schools. I’ll be contacting you in two years for my son.” L.A.

“My score went up 280 points – the Tutor really knew what he was talking about, easy to get a hold of and was organized. Also, Debbie is easy to work with” A.S.

“The SAT tutoring program seemed to be the best in the area and I learned a lot – the one-to-one really helped me understand things quicker and better” M.A.

“I know the tutors worked with S…, but thought you’d like to know that his scores went up 110 points – I’m sure your instructors had a lot to do with his improvement”  L.S.

“J… is doing well and reading more each week – he now even does homework alone and asks when he needs help – big improvement”   B.W.

“When I called the staff was very informative and polite. I appreciated the encouragement they gave my daughter when she thought that she could not accomplish or understand.

“When I called the staff was very informative and polite. I appreciated the encouragement they gave my daughter when she thought that she could not accomplish or understand. Thanks to Debbie and Dan she was able to graduate with her class. As parents we are most appreciative. I know in my heart that it was only because of A+ Skills that made this possible.” M.C.

“I wanted to tell you that my daughter did much better and now has the SAT test scores to apply to her chosen schools. I’ll be contacting you in two years for my son.” L.A.

“We heard about A+ Skills Tutoring from the Collier School Counselor Association. We picked them because of their quick response, their prices and flexibility of appointments. We had a very good experience with A+ Skills.” P.R.

“A+ Skills Tutoring is very professional – Mrs. Mandell keeps in contact” G.T.

“You sounded like a winner and our overall experience with A+ Skills Tutoring was excellent” MB.H.

“I will miss my A+ time when I was in High School- thank you for helping me get into FSU” M.B.

“I am so happy to report that Thomas’s teacher called me today and said he did great on the FCAT.. I am so thrilled and feel so much at ease this evening, cannot express it enough” J

“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me in order to raise my SAT scores and get into a great college. Your Prep course raised my Sat scores from a 1010 to a 1170 and this was crucial!” M.E.

“I got my 5 in AP Physics and I’m going to Oxford – thank you again for your help”  J.S.

“You have a very skilled staff and I liked that you had no contract – we have recommended you to neighbors and friends”  J.G.

“Mrs. Mandell keeps in contact – a very good experience”   G.J.

“Our son is comfortable and confident with his algebra and has the grades to prove it– A+ Skills has been a godsend!!” C./R..B.

“Mrs. Mandell brought my daughter’s reading level up almost two grades in only a few short months. I would only use A+ Skills for any future tutoring services.” L.M.

“When our five year old son started kindergarten, his teachers were concerned that his skills were somewhat behind the other kids. Since starting the A+ Skills program, his teachers now believe he has not only caught up with the other children, but is well on his way to becoming an “outstanding student”. The tutor and A+ Skills have done a fantastic job of making learning fun and productive. Thank you A+ Skills!” P./B. M.

“The staff at A+ Skills has been instrumental in my son’s growth, both emotionally and academically. Their caring staff goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the children.” D.B.

“When I first contacted A+ Skills, my son was reading below grade level and was timid when approaching subjects which were challenging for him. Now he is reading on grade level and shows a confidence in himself that I didn’t see before. It is though the tutor saw the potential that he had and found a way to bring it out. I cannot say enough about how helpful this has been for our son. It is a joy to have him read to me and to see how much more confidence he has in himself!” R.M.G.

“I was very pleased with the quality of the tutors and service A+ Skills provided for my children.”
B./E. Y.

“A+ delivered just what we needed – an experienced and talented tutor with the skills to move our son forward. Thanks A+ Skills!” P.E.G.

“My husband and I were extremely happy with the wonderful help we received. We would definitely use this service again and again.” M.F.

“A+ Skills has been both responsive and effective to our children’s academic needs. They have quickly pinpointed their needs and with that information proceeded to build strong teaching relationships using a blend of problem solving, teaching skills and personal interest in the student.  What the children have learned from the tutoring has been immediately applied in school.”  KP

“Thank you for such a rewarding tutoring experience – your services enabled us to get through this year of home-schooling!  The tutors were kind, patient and respectful and as a mother I appreciate that very much.  Without a doubt, we could not have made it through without you.”  L.M. & Sons

“HE PASSED!!!!! – we will never be able to thank you enough” RK

”There aren’t words sufficient to tell you how grateful I am for your tutoring of our son. You’ll always be a part of his graduation story” JK

“Our son enjoyed with working with the tutor and his grades in Calculus improved. We really appreciated the message left wishing him success -it meant alot to me to hear such compliments of my son.” IR

“Our son never wanted to miss his sessions with your tutor – thanks so much for helping him get through his Calculus.” NR

“The hours of tutoring were convenient and I appreciated that – overall experience was very good.” SB

“We had a positive experience experience with A+ Skills – we particularly liked the tutor.” MS

“The tutors were tailored to the student’s needs – overall experience was excellent – very positive.” DE

“We needed a reading specialist geared specifically for my son’s needs -A+ was able to fill the need. My son has learned so much from the one to one tutoring sessions. In four months he has made huge gains.” JD

“What I liked about your service is that we are “we”.”  AAM

“It is a pleasure coming here! The flexible schedule and tutors are great.” N.P.

“ Debbie Mandell and her Tutor were extremely professional and flexible in meeting my child’s needs” J.N.

“Brad and his skills have been an invaluable asset to my quest to attain a full understanding of the material. I would not hesitate to use their services in the future” K.N

“It means a lot to me that after all these years you still take the time to care for your students” J.M.

“Thank you for the very quick response and service – you got us a tutor the same day. Then after working with your tutor our son took the ACT twice and the second time achieved a 29 which qualified him for 100% Bright Futures Scholarship – we are very happy to talk to other parents looking for assistance for their students.” RD

“My third grade daughter was very confident taking the FCAT after being tutored.  She was a nervous wreck before coming to A+ Skills!” NKR

“My tutor told me to relax and take several deep breaths before the test- next thing I knew my whole class was doing it and everything changed.” MR (student)

“I have learned more in Math in these last few sessions with your tutor than in my entire school career” RC (student)

“My daughter’s math tutor is terrific!  She has an A average now – that never happened.” PK

“My experience with A+ Skills was excellent – I particularly liked the prompt service, your flexibility and personal touch.” LC

“When I was looking for a tutor your ads made me think that you were a winner- and you were – you were great!   We had an excellent experience…” MH

“My overall experience was well worth the time and I felt that I gained an incredible amount of knowledge” JS (student)

“It was a good experience and I am happy I came back.  So far my SAT score has improved 200 points” SY (student)

“Great experience for my daughter and I think it really helped her do better on her SAT.  She particularly liked the small class size and friendly service” LM